Tuesday, June 15, 2010

HD Blush by Make-Up Forever

summer flush
:Pricey at $29:

I love blush.  Although finding the right shade becomes something of an art as the summer progresses.  Right now, I'm darker than usual because of the anti-sunscreen regimen I'm currently subjected to.  I'm supposed to wear a hat and stay out of the sun until I find an SPF that doesn't make my face angry.  A month or so ago I discovered I was allergic to sunscreen, who knew?  I'll tell you all about rash number 176 another day. 

While bronzers are the norm, sometimes I want colour.  Back in February I heard that Make Up Forever was coming out with a line of HD blush.  It took sometime before it finally arrived to Sephora's shelf. 

I love this blush.  The colours are vibrant enough to add colour, and the texture is perfect to make it natural.  Although the pump is a little awkward, after a few tries you master the amount of pressure you need.  This cream literally melts into your skin and leaves a natural flush.  The added bonus for me was that I prefer to apply makeup with my hands, so this really fit my routine.

I recommend #4 (see below) or #14 for Asian skin.  Don't be alarmed at how bright and rich the colour is, after all it is HD.  It will blend flawlessly into the apples of your cheek to deliver a sexy, summer look. 

There are so many colours to choose from.  Try them before you buy them.  That's what Sephora's for.

Like it.

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