Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lashes: Growluscious by Revlon

grassy green and lush
:Bargain at $10:

I actually got it for $8.99; Shoppers was having a sale (plus I got bonus Optimum points). It’s been three weeks and my lashes are long and lush.

My bare lashes:

My Growluscious lashes:

Do you see a difference?  I see a difference.  If you don't, then you have bigger issues to contend with...

Akin to the Cargo one, it does two things at once, and I’m all about efficiency. Here are some before-and-after photos. It’s a great lengthening mascara, and it fills my heart with content to know that my little wonders (aka my lashes) are being ‘conditioned’ all day.

I have one issue – it’s a bit wet. My preference is for lighter, dryer mascaras to prevent smudging, particularly in the summer. I sweat easily which is never a good thing, but sweaty racoon face is just plain bad.

Like it.

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