Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lashes: Lancôme collection

a family of mediocrity
:Pricey at $30ish:

I used to be a HUGE fan, especially of Extencils, which got discontinued or replaced. I really wish companies would stop doing that.

I’ll keep this short.
Défincils. Basic mascara: some lift, some length. But there are bargain brands that are way better so why pay more?
Hypnôse. Wet and wack.
L’Extrême. Good length, but not better than my bargain brands.
Ôscillation PowerBooster. Was really excited when I saw it Miami because it had yet to come to Canada. One of the most useless mascaras I have ever bought. I fell for the “7000 oscillations per minute”. I could kick myself.


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