Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lashes: Lash Activator by Cargo

surprise, surprise
:Standard at $28:

I was at Sephora (I’m there a lot…too much maybe) and saw this while perusing the aisles. I’m not very familiar with Cargo but my sister’s friend recently got their eye brightener. This was a random purchase that made my week. It does exactly what it says. It markets itself as a primer and/or mascara. These are my lashes with one coat of Lash Activator.  You can see they're curled and lifted (and I'd estimate they're 25% longer than my bare lashes).  It's a weightless natural look. 

But I like LONGER and dramatic, so I added a coat of Lash Plumper in blue:

After about a month my lashes appear stronger and thicker. It’s a great everyday mascara that leaves my lashes full and separated. The fact that it treats your lashes while it’s on is genius. Two great things in one application.

*Today it's only $9 online at Sephora. I'd be excited, but I think it's a bad sign; likely another fantastic product that is about to get discontinued.

While Sephora no longer carries Cargo, you can still buy it from The Bay or Sears.

Love it.

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