Friday, June 18, 2010

Lashes: Lash Stiletto by Maybelline

party time lashes
:Bargain at $9:

It's Friday night, and it's one of the rare occasions I'm going to go out.  Perfect opportunity to share a story with you.  Once upon a time, Maybelline made Illegal Lengths, the ultimate lengthening mascara. Too bad it had an unhappy ending when it spontaneously disappeared from store shelves. Lash Stiletto is the sequel. This mascara has crazy lengthening properties likely from the brush – “Grip & Extend" – which reaches each lash to coat them evenly in a black-patent shine.

Maybelline may help you enhance your beauty, but I believe you were just born with it. Put on your three-inch patent leather pumps, apply this mascara, and go shine.  That's what I'm about to do, except I'm wearing boots (I have blisters...).

Oh, I'd say these eyes are ready to go party...

Like it.

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