Thursday, June 17, 2010

Toronto: The Grilled Cheese

eat like a kid

There’s something to be said when food can make you feel young again. The most beloved childhood classic is the grilled cheese.  For me it brings back memories of my mom melting Kraft singles between two slices of 60% bread (I never had white bread until I was 19 years old, true story).  It’s love on a plate.

When I first heard about The Grilled Cheese it seemed like something I’d find in Soho or the West Village, not Toronto, much less Kensington market. My instinct was right – the restaurant was conceptualized in New York and brought to Toronto. It’s now settled comfortably into its new digs and seamlessly melds with the inviting and casual air of our vintage village. This wood adorned restaurant took the grilled cheese as we know it, and “adultified” it by creating sophisticated variations with optional additions like Portobello mushrooms and bacon. Add the daily soup and you have a lip-smacking lunch.

This place fills your hunger gap with youthful exuberance so throw calorie counting to the wind, your hips won’t care.

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