Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Toronto: Torito


People love Cava. I love Torito. It’s a little cheaper and much more hospitable. I marked my first visit of the summer with a pitcher of white sangria. It was the perfect thing to banish the humidity – refreshingly fruity, sweet and tangy. Red or white it’s so good you may find yourself on a third or fourth pitcher (shared amongst friends of course).

My buddy, Saltine, accompanied me and we were so excited we ordered a little too much. I would recommend four to five dishes for two people. We had six.

After a couple glasses of sangria I got a little camera happy. Let me walk you through our meal.

I always like to start with something fresh to wake up my taste buds. Ceviche is one of my favourite dishes and Torito makes a classic white bass ceviche - a mishmash of sour, salty, meaty and tart. We covered our vegetable intake by adding a beet and lentil salad. There was a little too much goat cheese for me, but it a great pairing nonetheless.

One of the shining stars of the night was the piquillo peppers stuffed with salted cod and served with an olive tapenade. It was so good I almost ate my friend's share...but then the sausages came...

I’m a huge chorizo fan so I had to order the patatas brava (fingerling potatoes) with chorizo. Good chorizo is like fireworks – an explosion of flavour followed by a slow simmering heat.  
We tried the daily special of pork sausage with flat bread. It was a softer and milder meat, which was a good thing because I needed to undo my belt at this point.

Our last dish was the pescado in a basquaise sauce. You can never go wrong with prefectly cooked and well seasoned fish. Theirs is light, flaky, and flavourful.

Finish with some more sangria and cheers to the official start of summer. Tapas on, tapas on.

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