Friday, June 18, 2010

Clinique Even Better Clinical

they made even better, even better
:Pricey at $65:

Now that my rash has gone away (until another comes another day) I have these brownish-grey patches all over my fat little cheeks. It’s sad. Previous rashes just disappeared leaving no trace on my skin, but this one had some furry to unleash. It showed up at a time when I was contending with one of life’s annoyances. Coincidence, maybe. But what surrounds you affects your face. I was being fed a lot of BS during this period and I think it incensed my face. I have no problem accepting intrinsic flaws for my problems or admitting that I put something on my face I shouldn’t have – but that wasn’t it – like I said, this rash was something else.

About two months ago (in the midst of the worst of my rash) I went out and bought Clinique’s revamped version of Even Better. It was a pre-emptive strike because I knew I would need something post-rash – something that WORKED. This “clinical” version is supposed to be more effective. It is.

Yesterday morning I had a follow-up with my dermatologist.  She was surprised at how much better my skin looked. So I’m sticking with this until it gives me a reason not to. Objectively, it’s hard to gauge whether my scars are disappearing any faster, but my skin’s overall texture is more even.

My dermatologist concluded that I was experiencing a reaction to the sun, compounded by an allergy to sunscreen, exacerbated by stress. I told her that this was like nothing else and can't understand why it was so bad. She paused and then asked me if I had introduced anything novel into my life? I said, yes, a loser. She laughed. My treatment plan is to find a gel or alcohol-based sunscreen, limit exposure to the sun and/or wear a hat, and avoid douchebags. Her words, not mine.

Love it.

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