Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crème de la Mer

holy batman, pow, crash, punch
:Crazy at $300:


Let me break it down for you. If you find yourself in the position of having to manage, deal, accept, or cope with skin irritations you will discover that money is NO object.

As I revealed in my mini biopic, my mid-20s came with a price – my skin became extremely reactive to the elements, products, stress, etc. I have had to contend with rashes of all sorts for about five years now. The worst of which happened three months ago, and has only JUST gone away. Now I’m battling brownish-grey spots, but that’s another story.

The point I’m trying to make is that I’ve had to contend with a least 50 episodes in a number of different variations: tiny white bumps, itchy red inflammation, big red boils (okay, not really, I exaggerate, but I think I’ve painted you a clear picture), etc. The problem with rashes is there’s really nothing you can do. Get a good dermatologist and avoid the mirror. The more you stare, the more you pick. I should know, how else do you think I got the brownish-grey patches?

I turned to this inordinately pricey moisturizer for one reason – I needed something to hydrate my skin that would not serve as a catalyst for whatever mess was exploding on my face. Something to soothe and comfort both during the rash, and after.

Miracle Cream

Crème de la Mer is luxury at its best. It’s touted as a “miracle” cream and its ingredients are a highly guarded secret. Dr. Max Huber, a NASA scientist, developed this cream.  Get the full story here.  You need to emulsify the cream (they will show you how, if and when you go to buy (or inquire)) before applying it to your face.

My face has reaped the benefits of this cream. During a rash it calms my skin without clogging my pores. My normal face (the one I wear most days of the year – rashless and smiling) is brighter and more even.

I rationalized this purchase, but I do not buy it on a consistent basis. One jar may even last you a whole year. In Canada it’s available at Holt Renfrew (where else?).

I won’t continue espousing the benefits of this moisturizer because I’m not going to encourage you to spend the money. If you try it once, you will love it, but only circumstance should dictate whether you buy it.

Love, try, or covet it.

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