Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vancouver: Ajisai

the best

This is my favourite sushi restaurant in all of Canada. No trip to Vancouver is complete without dinner at this hideaway haven. Let me make it clear – this is the best SUSHI restaurant so don’t spread the news to those who don’t appreciate what that means. Ajisai does not take reservations and seating is limited. I would actually be quite content if no one else ate here, but I believe that everyone who loves sushi should eat here.

The menu is daunting so it's hard to guide you. A few tips would be that you can’t go wrong with the Chef’s recommendations. The other tip is to order in spurts.  Order a few dishes and then see where your stomach takes you.  Everything on their menu is fresh and mouth-watering delicious.  Personally I have a penchant for tuna belly, uni, salmon and roe.

I really, really, really love this place.

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