Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vancouver: Cincin Ristorante + Bar

traditional meal + exemplary dessert
:Robson-West End:

My Vancouver trips always play out like clockwork. I usually get to eat everything I thought about eating while on the plane...and that usually includes this Italian institution.

I usually go to Cincin with an old childhood friend. Both are rare – old friends and great Italian – when you bring them together, it’s epic. My friend loves Cincin for its elegant accents and high standard of service. I love it because it’s reputable and reliable; I am always welcomed back with open arms, not literally – they have no idea who I am.

After feasting on their ingredient-driven menu and sipping on a selection from their extensive wine display, I always save room for dessert: Cincin’s pastry chef is Thierry Busset. If that name means nothing to you, just take away this: he is of the highest calibre and has the respect of chefs around the world.

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