Monday, June 14, 2010

Cross-Cultural Polish

the world cup of summer
I love Toronto right now. It is football fever/soccer mayhem. The excitement and sense of community and pride (for one’s country of origin) is palpable. One can only imagine what the rest of the world is like. It is my absolute favourite sport to watch.

In the spirit of all the races and countries involved, I thought I’d get colourful and gather the best summer polishes that OPI and Essie have to offer. Yes, I just created a random relationship between football and nails, as if from nowhere. I was originally going to rattle off my favourite hues of each of the participating country’s colours, i.e. blue and gold for Australia, red and blue and white for Korea, yellow and green for Brazil, etc. But I vehemently disagree with the idea that grass green polish is “fashionable”, even if last month’s In Style said otherwise. After being stuck on Brazil - I couldn't post a green polish if I don't believe in it - I decided I’d much rather introduce you to my favourite summer hues.

The sixteen below are brainless. They suit everyone, go anywhere and work with every outfit. How is that possible? Summer is the only time you can get away with being bold, bright, soft, classy, tacky. No one cares, it’s summer. Go crazy.

*Left is Essie; Right is OPI*

Watch football, have a beer and cheer. It doesn’t matter who you’re rooting for...when your nails are perfectly polished you’ve already won.

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