Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eyes: Benefit Stay Don’t Stray

magic eraser
:Standard at $25:

I was at Sephora yesterday to pick up another tube of my Laura Mercier primer and decided I would try Benefit’s. I don’t wear eye shadow but I love primers because they can stand alone. Eyes look more refreshed as fine lines are minimized and the eye area is brightened.  Primers can mask minor imperfections, redness and/or dark circles...

Barenaked lashes
Left: Before | Right: After

I think I prefer my Laura Mercier one only because it comes in a range of colours. Although Stay Don’t Stray is neutral and would likely flatter everyone. The lightweight formula was easy to apply and blended easily. I think I look more awake, although I may not feel it. Nothing a cup of coffee won’t fix, but at least I look the part.

Like it.

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