Monday, July 5, 2010

The Lip Balm by La Mer

kiss me
:Pricey at $60:

Okay, okay, $60 for lip balm might be bordering insanity.  In my defense, my brain doesn't always abide by common sense.  It's probably even worse that you still need to apply an SPF - no sun protection included with the $60.  

Nevertheless, I have concluded that this will be my favourite winter balm.  It's got a ridiculously alluring scent and tastes delightful.  My lips are soft and supple all day and all night.  That's something to pucker up about.

Love it.

But let's get real, $60 on lip balm is ridiculous, so my practical alternative is Blistex Silk & Shine.  Same velvety texture.  Shopping within your budget means saying...

Skip it.

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