Monday, July 12, 2010

Montreal: Coco Rico

pollo loco
:St. Laurent:

I refused to eat this for years, but my sister insisted and two summers ago, I tried it. This past weekend I had it again.’s so dirty. The best of Portuguese roasted chicken (and pork). 

It’s a divey joint with limited seating which equates to bang for your buck.  A quick (assuming there is no line) delicious feast between shopping. My favourite part is the potatoes – they fill the bottom of their rotisseries with these carby nuggets and let the juice and fat from the meat drip all over them. Oh soooo dirty. I had the pork ribs with a side of macaroni salad and coleslaw. My friend had the chicken.

You can’t eat this a lot. But when I do, the added poundage on my butt is nothing compared to a happy tummy.

P.S. I heart their egg tarts:

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