Monday, July 12, 2010

Montreal: L’Academie

:St. Laurent:

I’ve eaten here only a handful of times, but it’s a winner. Every person I have recommended it to, LOVES it. Like they really love it. They call me and go on and on about how much they loved it. Here’s why: it’s a fantastic multi-storey restaurant at St. Denis and Duluth, right next to a SAQ. This would be a good time to mention Montreal is huge on BYOW – bring your own wine. Just look for “approtez votre vin”. And unlike the rest of Canada, they don’t charge a corking fee, nor do they stare at you with their judgy little eyes. The Quebecois simply uncork and pour. It’s genius – why can’t every restaurant do it.

Now that you have your bottle (or bottles), slip next door and get a table. L’Academie is best described as boisterous. Everyone needs a fail-safe restaurant. This would be it.

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