Monday, July 12, 2010

Montreal: Les Heritiers

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:de Lanaudière:

It's always difficult to decide what to eat for dinner when you're in a city that's not your home.  You have favourites and want to stick to them because you only have a few opportunities to eat them.  Once in a blue moon I will try something new.  My sister heard about this place so we threw caution to the wind and went.  New is good.

Les Heritiers is a small and simple restaurant that serves beautiful dishes.  The plates were so colorful and the food was delicious.  We started with a lovely warm goat cheese salad.  It was so good it won over my sister - needless to say, she's not goat cheese's number one fan.  The fish of the day was a melt-in-your-mouth sea bass served on a bed of quinoa.  The bass was pan-seared in a sweet miso-soya glaze.  The rack of lamb was perfectly cooked and served with two slices of scalloped potatoes. 
Take someone you love and treat them to some really good food.  Enjoy the intimate setting now; come October they're moving to bigger and better? 

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