Monday, July 12, 2010

Montreal: Schwartz's

that's whatsup
:St. Laurent:

I have no other words. I could come up with something clever and intelligent, but this place is simply the sh*t. I refuse to listen to the people who say all Montreal smoked meat is the same, or that Rubens is better. I’m open to change, if it’s for the better. In this case, once you go Schwartz, you never go back.

I crave this place.

When I fill this craving it satisfies the depths of my soul, not just my stomach. The perfect meal here is a medium sandwich, a side of fries, coleslaw, a pickle and a cherry coke. I hope you wrote that down.

They opened a take-out store next door to help manage some of the traffic. The waiters at the dine-in restaurant are hilarious – they love to flirt, and provide a few laughs.

I brought some back with me. It’s what’s for lunch...scratch that, I'm going to eat it now.

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