Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Toronto: Prohibition Gastrohouse

where the health conscious are banned

What’s a gastropub? The intelligent answer would be a food concept born in England where typical pub fare is elevated for a refined palate and enhanced dining experience. My usual answer is really dirrrttyyyy food. 

I didn’t know of any in Toronto until my friend stumbled across Prohibition. It’s not the nicest gastrobpub I’ve been to, but it's definitely inviting and casual. 
The fact that anything on their menu can have foie gras added to it should give you a sense of what this place is all about. Hearty, not wholesome; fatty and flavourful, not lean and green.

Here’s what three normally health conscious girls had to eat:

Some Buckingham Wrap (a crepe stuffed with rare beef which I disliked) with sweet potato mash (which I liked). Excuse the vagueness, I didn’t enjoy this and ergo it is forgettable. (top)

Grilled Cheese with pulled pork…seriously, how could that NOT be delicious?!? (bottom)

Mac & Cheese with bacon…very creamy but not enough cheese, which isn’t to say I wouldn’t eat it again. I would, by the bowl.

I think my photo is upside down.  You still want a bite don't you?

I love dips. Dipping is fun. Dipping is tasty. They have two for their fries: Garlic-Goop (bottom) + Wasabi Mayo (top).

At a dollar each, just get both, why compromise?

Poutine with Duck Confit.

Help me.

I should be banned – bikini season isn’t over yet…

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