Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summerlicious: Success or Fail

the annual prix fixed menus
:Everywhere in Toronto:

Clang, clang…that’s the sound of the bar dropping at some of Toronto’s hottest restaurants. The idea is genius – allow your patrons to sample some of the best dishes from some of Toronto’s best chefs at a set price – accessible food. It’s a shame there are still elitists who don’t feel the same way. What could have become a wonderful culinary movement, has been tainted by poor service and substandard food.

There are a few that stand out – there may be more but there is no way for me to eat at every participating restaurant, not to mention I don’t want to. Every year my Summerlicious buddy and I pick-and-choose.

Here are five that consistently please:

Bymark can be hit or miss, but I adore Mark McEwan (the food, not the man...his head needs to meet my hair guy).  Summer 2010's tuna sashimi appetizer was terrible; the lamb on the other hand was heavenly, as was my banana cake.

Crush Wine Bar will quash you hunger.

Jump is joyful.

Fred’s Not Here but good food sure is.

Trevor Kitchen and Bar always rules, summerlicious or not. I will write about it later but should mention they have BYOW + FREE CORKAGE all summer long (except during Summerlicious).

If Summerlicious is Ying, would Winterlicious be Yang?

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