Thursday, July 29, 2010

Toronto: Love is Best Served Fried

bye bye summer...body

I was reading Toronto Life - one of my favourite magazines, although not one I read cover-to-cover.  My favourite section is the Urban Decoder - I would very much like to meet Mr. Urban Decoder (for some reason I feel like he is a he and not a she). 

But I digress, back to why we're gathered here today:  THE DOUGHNUT.  I love these fantastical fried treats.

I love those artificial chalky tasting ones from the supermarket that come in those really "loud" plastic containers that you can never get open.

I love Tim Hortons' evil little fatty timbits, the sourcream doughnut and the canadian maple (not necessarily in that order).

I love Krispy Kreme's plain glazed doughnut that I secretly get from the Petro Canada gas station down the street.  Wow, that's gross, but in a good way, non?
What I love THE MOST is the pretentious doughnut.  The doughnut that is presented so artfully.  Made from premium ingredients and plated so politely that it's no longer a doughnut - it's a beignet, a fritter, a churro...Whatever you want to call it...they taste so delicious your head may explode. here.

I've only tried 3 of the baker's dozen TL wrote about...and those 3 were MIND-BLOWING...I'm going to go eat the other 10 now.

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