Friday, July 23, 2010

Toronto: House of Chan

give it to me

:Eglinton West:

Dark, musty, sexy and surreal. Okay, yes, they do serve Chinese food, but forgettaboutit, go for the steak. This steak house may not look the part from the exterior, but make no mistake, it is. Steak rule 3: if it smells like a steak house, it is a steak house. 

For the past five decades, House of Chan has been a coveted Toronto keepsake to famous folk and ordinary steak connoisseurs like me.

Expect to drop an arm (and perhaps half a leg), but it’s worth it. The à la carte menu may be daunting so allow me to break it down.  Two people, one steak, one lobster, two sides.  Perfection.

The owner is a charming and engaging man who loves to name-drop, but I suppose he can, since he’s dropping some big names. I’m sure that their Chinese offerings (like the egg foo yong, a childhood favourite) are equally delicious, but when I think Chinese food, I like to go for “fye dollar fly rice”.

I love steak. Give it to me.

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