Monday, July 5, 2010

Toronto: Patisserie Café

dude...this is good
:Yonge + Eglinton:

I was midtown relaxing with a favourite buddy this past weekend.  On a random walk, I spotted a new cafe and of course, made him go in.  It's actually just north of Eglinton at Erskine Avenue on the west side of Yonge.  I'm being specific because I really want you to go.  Not only is it one of the quaintest and most comfortable cafes to open in a long time, it has the cutest selection of pastries and sweets.  Although the people working there don't really know what they're talking about, they're really sweet.  After being told their take on the chocolate croissant was comparable to the French chocolatine, I was disappointed.  It was still good, flaky and satisfying, but nowhere close to the ones in Montreal.  

Their cakes and pies also looked amazing so I had a slice of the latter.  It had a heavy crust - which I love - and the filling was a traditional apple pie - tart, slightly sour and just sweet enough.

But you can skip all this and head to the back for custard - Jedd's Frozen Custard to be exact.  While I'm not familiar with this particular brand, I am a huge fan of frozen custard.  I would liken it to what would happen if gelato and ice cream made sweet sweet love.  Go check it'll see what I'm saying.  And for a limited time - they have an online coupon for free custard here.


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