Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Toronto: Sushi D

geographically confused
:Little Italy:

Let me preface this with the obvious: Sushi in Toronto is not on the same playing field as Vancouver. Just like the people: Toronto's sushi restaurants are cheap, easy, and mindless while Vancouver's are fresh, classy, and creative. I kid, I kid!  I’m just sad I'm stuck here with stinky fish.  

But we must all adapt, so I have by lowering my expectations and allowing my love of fish to take a back seat to other dishes. The place I go to fill the need is all-you-can-eat sushi at Sushi D. A bunch of friends found this place and shared it with me. Now we all go and run into each other. Take Monday, for example, I went for dinner with a friend and we ran into twenty more. Happy faces.

Sushi D is my preferred buffet - it’s economical and consistently good. It doesn’t have the mass-produced, careless feel of the sushi joints on Queen or Bloor. It’s tastefully decorated and overall appealing.
My favourites:

Treasure Island – diced pieces of salmon sashimi over shredded daikon and avocado with a creamy sauce (which is likely 1000 Island dressing, hence its name?)
Rock Shrimp – lightly fried shrimp with a tangy glaze – not exactly sure what this is, but slap me, it's like crack.

Volcano Roll – spicy salmon, avocado, spicy sauce and a jalapeno (top)
Scorpion Roll – unagi and shrimp tempura (bottom)

Beef Negimaki Roll – enoki mushrooms (usually too stringy) wrapped in thinly sliced (cheap) beef with a soya/teriyaki sauce (still a tasty break from makis)

Sashimi – usually just salmon (although they have tuna, white tuna, etc.)

Finish with dessert, or skip it and walk a few steps to get some gelato from Dolce.  A belly of Japanese food welcomes a bowl of Italian gelato, and maybe a cannoli too.

Burp. Excuse me.

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  1. Hahaha,

    Excellent review.
    I'm actually going tonight as I've also heard alot about it.

    it's on 671 College street by the Mod Club

  2. I do agree that Vancouver has better sushi, but it has more to do with geography than anything else. Just wanted to say that I think Negimaki is with green onion, not enoki. Otherwise, I like the blog!

  3. Thanks Nelson! Actually here in Toronto at Sushi D, their beef negamaki is with enoki. To each their own I suppose.


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