Friday, August 6, 2010

Sugarbomb by Benefit

too much sugar ain’t always sweet
:Pricey at $36:

The biggest faux-pas my girls make is buying the same blush – we can’t all rock the same colours now can we? But these days they’re getting feistier and the other day, one quipped back. She so keenly pointed out that there are swirled palettes and pearly multicoloured balls. Sadly, she is right. Happily, that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

I truly believe that if you try to please too many, you can’t fully satisfy one. Put another way, I’d rather find ONE colour that delivers a head-on flush versus a mixture of colours that give a muddled pink.

Sorry about the shadow...
Take Benefit’s newest blush. The square boxed powder is divided into peach, rose, pink, and plum. The blending of all four is supposed to deliver a “delicious sugar rush” but the predominating pigment on my skin tone is shimmering adolescent pink. I prefer the plum and peach, but then I’m only using 50% of a product.

I think I will stick to my single colour palettes, and mix-and-match those as I please. And to follow the negative with a positive, I really love Benefit’s Dandelion, Hoola and Georgia.

It may just be that I prefer to control what colours I put together. But that’s just my baggage – I sometimes take issue with authority. Dictate your own colour and...


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