Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tipsy Cheek Stain by tarte

get a little tipsy
:Pricey at $39:

I've already established that I like tarte.  Their stuff meets the criteria for my natural fresh face movement. 

Their water-based blush gel sticks are alcohol and oil free.  I always have a Flush in my make-up drawer.  It's so good that even my mother is hooked.  She was fascinated by the product and now I am consistently restocking her supply.  I'm guessing they didn't make blush like this back in her day.  It's definitely on the more expensive end, but lasts longer.  On a sidenote, let's not tell my mom how much it is.  I told her it's only available in a store by my house so that she won't go searching for it on her own.  If she knew...her eyes would pop out of their sockets.

At the start of summer I picked up a stick of Tipsy.  It's a sheer coral-pink with a light apricot scent.  Just like it's name, you get the soft glow that appears after downing a glass or two of wine.  Instead of pinching my cheeks, I can pat this on - different methods, same result.

Tip: If you want to sample a bunch of the colours, wait for a cheek stain set.  Sephora usually gets one around the winter holidays.  It's usually a trio of deluxe sample sizes in their most popular colours.

Attention: For a limited time, in celebration of tarte's 10th anniversary, Sephora is selling TEN, a shimmery bright pink.

Love it.

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