Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eyebrows: Anastasia

beverly hill my brows

Brow Duo in Brunette
:Pricey at $29:

Here’s a mini history lesson. Anastasia Soare is considered the authority on eyebrows. Many consider her largely, if not solely, responsible for bringing eyebrows back into the spotlight. She created an army of trained specialists to shape and pluck them properly, and for less than you would expect. It's too bad the services are not available in Canada.

I have never penciled my eyebrows. I’m quite attached to their thinning sparseness. On the other end, several of my mother’s friends have had their brows tattooed. I had a near freak out thinking my mother would jump on that bandwagon. Thank goodness she believes natural is always best. She's my beauty hero – her face is flawless, amazing, 100% natural, and has never been touched or altered in any way.

I like the powder duo. For anyone who wants natural fuller brows, this two-tone compact is exactly what you need. It provides sheer coverage to fill in the gaps and delivers a smudge-proof brow.

I’m really too lazy to do this daily, but I will suck it up for special events or people.
Like it.

Brow Gel
:Pricey at $27:

Unruly brows be gone. You can’t go wrong with clear.

All that said. Couldn’t I just use a clear mascara from some drugstore that costs about one-quarter the price? I could and I do.

Skip it.

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