Thursday, August 12, 2010

Korres Wild Rose Regimen Kit

roses are red, violets are blue, this product smells funny and costs a lot of money too
:Pricey at $51:

Value packs are great. You get multiple products at a discount price (this kit advertised a retail value of $70 something).

This particular kit, however, was still expensive, given the size of the products.

Korres is a natural and organic skincare line. After reading an article about the Vitamin C rich properties of wild rose, I went out and got this:

Wild Rose Serum, Wild Rose Cream, Wild Rose Mask, White Tea Cleanser and Evening Primrose Eye Cream “in a signature gift box”. Ever find remarks like the last one amusing? They make it sound like a sixth product or bonus item. It’s just cardboard.
This complete daily regimen Is focused on hydrating and brightening your face, but I don’t think I used it long enough to know. After a week-and-a-half, I couldn’t take the smell anymore.  I avoid funny and off-putting smells and this was nowhere near worth it.

In the week or so that I used it, I have to say it didn't win me over.  Usually there is an obvious benefit to premium skincare, not sure about this one - the serum, cream and cleanser were mediocre.  The mask is probably the only thing I would use again.  It's white and when dry, looks a bit like clay.  It dries quickly and rinses off to reveal refreshed, plump skin.

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