Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When Hope Is Not Enough by Philosophy

soulful nourishment
:Pricey at $50:

I love the concept behind Philosophy. Their prophetic quotes put a whimsical twist on beauty and skincare. It’s a perspective I can fully appreciate. I haven’t fully explored their line, just a few things here-and-there, not worth mentioning until now.  Rosa - a fellow beauty junky and friend - introduced this serum to me; she knows her stuff and has impeccable taste, so I chose to swallow the hefty price tag.

A month has passed since this purchase and I have not experienced one ounce of buyer’s remorse. This product was created as an anti-aging gel and it does just that. The lightweight formula is overloaded with beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin C. While it hasn’t done much for discolouration, I'm aware that things like that take time.  My skin is otherwise firmer, smoother, and more hydrated. Tangible results like that mean quality product.

It is simply amazing and I am reaping the benefits.

I am lucky that I don't have any serious aging issues (minus a few forehead wrinkles which are more a result of habit than age). I think, however, that after the age of 25, all women should think about anti-aging products. My personal philosophy: use firming and anti-wrinkle cream before you see the need for it.

Like it.

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