Monday, August 30, 2010

Lashes: Easy Falsies

stick 'em up

:Standard at $6:

There is only one place in Canada that sells these self-adhesive lashes. Shifeon on Robson Street in Vancouver. I get several on my trips out there, and otherwise get people to pick some up for me.  The ones I'm wearing below were picked up by one very sweet westcoast belle.

After practice, and having found the best glue ever (Duo), I prefer my Shus , but sometimes time and patience are forces you cannot reckon with.  That's when you go pre-glued.  Take these bad boys out. Unwrap, peel, trim, stick.

This weekend I took a little nap.  The little turned into one hour too long leaving me 20 minutes to get ready.  I made a cup of coffee and put on these puppies:

Left: All me baby | Right: Falsies in an instant
Left: Just me again  |  Right: Love it

Next time you’re on Robson, don’t ignore this store. And don’t blame me if you end up buying more than you bargained for. Buy in bulk.

Love it.

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