Monday, August 9, 2010

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

embrace your imperfections
:Pricey at $35:

Face it, we all have something to hide. For me, it’s discolouration. I embraced my other imperfections long ago, which is probably why I don’t bother to use cover up, foundation or powder.

But a little change is good, and after my latest rash, I realized it was time I found something to cover up my scars – at least until they fade away. So began the hunt, I’ve always liked a good hunt...

Voilà, after four trial and errors, I found a winner. Secret Camouflage comes in six shades so you’re bound to find one for your complexion; mine is SC-4.

The custom blend system makes it easy to hide dark spots. I don’t know how it works on anything else (like pimples or redness) because I only use it for discolouration.  It may be a bit "thick" but that might be why it works well.  I find that if you dab it on with a brush and then use your finger (body warmth) and pat, it melts right in.  Blending isn't rocket science, you just need a good brush (I recommend a foundation brush) or clean fingers and good lighting.  The darker colour goes first, the lighter one on top. 

Wait a minute...what spot?

Love it.

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