Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Toronto: Balzac's Coffee Roastery

a Parisian style cafe in a historical Canadian site

:Distillery District:

I need coffee. It fuels my brain, heart, and body.

Without coffee the world would be a bad place.  I think if more people had a cup in the morning, there would be more peace, love and joy in the world.

I love Starbucks and illy.
I like Second Cup and Blenz.
I dislike crappy coffee.

Then there is spectacular coffee. I know of two. If you know more, please do tell.

{Jamaica Blue Mountain}

As my most recent discovery it gets first mention. I met up with an old friend who told me about it and circumstance would have it that I saw it while I was in Kensington a few days later. It was delicious.


Some herald it as the best coffee in Canada, which is high praise considering you can only get it at two locations (in Toronto). I prefer the Distillery District site because I am madly in love with the area. It seems fitting that this supercoffee resides in one of Toronto’s most culturally vibrant areas.  P.S. Their other location is in Liberty Village. 

I kind of love how the barista makes pretty pictures in my latte. I know it’s nothing new, but details like this make me smile. It’s always about the details.

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