Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Toronto: The Best Chips EVER

i am obsessed with potatoes, any way you cut it
I know what you’re thinking, a posting on chips, is she for real? Why, yes, yes I am. One of my worst vices, apart from doughnuts, is potato chips. I can eat bags of them. But I’m really picky about my chips. For instance, I only like Old Dutch Salt & Vinegar and Lays Ketchup. But then, I met President’s Choice. Oh that Galen Weston is a good man.

The story goes like this: several months ago Rosa invited my sister and I over for dinner. I (obviously) got hungry while she was cooking and she offered me a bag of chips. Buffalo Wings and Blue Cheese chips, ewww. I declined. Then my stomach growled so I reluctantly opened them. Seven minutes later the bag was empty.

The best chips I’ve ever eaten. Ahhhhh-mazing.

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