Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Toronto: Grazie

:Yonge + Eglinton:

Grazie is proof that you don’t need an award winning, critically acclaimed chef to have a successful restaurant. It’s a savvy business that understands its patrons. A lively place that serves delicious, rustic Italian food. I have recommended this place as a "first date" venue, but personally, I would never be caught dead here with anyone but my core: dear friends, family, committed lovers, etc.

While the company I eat with changes, my order does not.  The only time I ever try something new is if I steal a bite of a friend’s dish.  What could possibly be so good that I order it every time? The answer: Tasca, fresh pasta stuffed with brie, porcini mushrooms and spinach in a creamy tomato sauce. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more perfect plate of pasta.

My usual Grazie-eating partner also happens to be one of my favourite buddies, he ordered Elena – his favourite. But on our recent outing, he opted to try something new and had Stefania – pizza with a creamy porcini sauce, prosciutto, parmigiano and arugula.  It was nice - nutty and salty.

But I still wouldn’t give up my Tasca for anything.  Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful...


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