Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Toronto: Jules Bistro Cafe

like visiting an old friend
:Entertainment District:

I’m a realist with an overactive imagination that channels the one romantic bone I have in my body. It went into overdrive when I first stepped into Jules. It’s the cutest little French restaurant on Spadina just south of Richmond. I've been told that Jules is EITHER the name of the owner's son OR the name of the owner, depends on whose comment you choose to believe.  Either way, my little dreamland vision was wrong.  But I still like it, after all, imagination is just one's imagery. So I still think the man I see sitting outside drinking and smoking a cigarette really did have an epic love story in the mountains of Europe.  The mystery wo(man) who commented below actually told me I may have insulted him for thinking he might have been from Paris? I figured French food and made the MOST OBVIOUS leap :)  Grenoble sounds far more romantic, which the truth rarely is. 
My first experience at Jules still involved munching on their daily quiche.  And as I watched the soft-spoken hostess/waitress walk around, I created a romantic love story between her and the mister outside.  Pure fiction of course.

The facts remain, however, that Jules is comfortable, like visiting an old friend. The restaurant is charming and has a country feel to it.  They serve simple home-style French fare at a reasonable price. The food is arguably too simple, but it’s seasoned well and fresh. Works for me.

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  1. Hum. Cute description but Jules is actually the husband. And the wife (ex) has been out of the picture for a few years now.
    He is actually from Grenoble in the Alps and would be highly insulted if he knew anyone called him a Parisian (as do the 51 millions French who don't live there!).
    Food is good, fresh, clean and tasty. For dinner, he upgrades the entrées with bigger portions and longer preparations. If you have the chance, try the pies for desert.

  2. Jules is the name of the son of the owner whose name is Eric

  3. Yes, Jules is Eric's son. Eric is the co-owner of the restaurant. Him and his wife Mahasti opened Jules Bistro about 10 years ago. Mahasti also has a consulting business in the hospitality industry.


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