Friday, August 20, 2010

Vancouver: Pourhouse

 all are welcome


One of the most incredible things about Vancouver restaurants is the number of restaurants committed to the integrity and longevity of our oceans.

Pourhouse is just one of many and it's considered a  North American "pub"; proof positive that responsibility isn't limited to fancy shmancee restaurants.

Most locals are now familiar with this Gastown venue.  It's an easy choice for a weekend meal and drinks with friends. 

They serve satisfying and hearty food. 

I’ve had the Pourhouse salad a few times now, and have never found anything else quite like it: brisket, boudin (sausage), chicken, white cheddar, eggs, and tomatoes. It gets mixed reviews, but anything with brisket and cheese sounds about yummy to me.

Their vegetarian options are just as good.  Try the Spaghettini – perfect flavor combinations of tomato, basil, and ricotta.

Where my belly goes, my heart will follow. 

So you can find me in this vibrant Water Street restaurant...on the better side of Gastown, and by better I mean brighter.  It gets dark at night down there.

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