Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk by Bliss

blissfully clean
:Pricey at $31:

If happiness was a tangible element that could be'd smell like Bliss.

So, I should explain the anal way in which I wash my face.  It's anal because at any given time I have three products that I cycle in a very specific way.  The three are a premium brand, a drugstore favourite and my no-fail soap

Over the summer the premium brand was my Ole.  Now that fall's here, I like to change it up.  Enter its replacement.  It's a dual action product - wash on-off as a cleaner, or leave it be for 5 minutes as a mask.

It’s neither foamy nor soapy, just creamy. Alhtough it's supposed to be a gentle exfoliator, I think the enzymes are stronger than I find ideal.  My skin was mildly irritated during its first week, but that has abated. It definitely rids your skin of all debris and makeup leaving it squeaky clean and soft.

I wouldn’t recommend people who have sensitive skin use this everyday. I decided to adapt, so my 3-step cycle has become a 4-product regimen has so I can squeeze in a quickie...quickie mask that is.  Looks like I still need a new face wash...

Like it.

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