Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Luminizing Black Mask by Boscia

black magic
:Pricey at $40:

I was having a dreary Monday until I got home and tried this mask. It’s a peel-off mask that is supposed to instantly boost skin clarity and radiance.  Peeling crap off your face is fun and oddly satisfying.

As with all of its products, Boscia is preservative-free and rich in natural clays, minerals and extracts. I have not tried a peel off mask since my horrifying Biore incident*.

Since then, I still experience flashbacks and nightmares and other PTSD symptosm when I see Biore products or hear the word heat or mask.  Of course I’m also wiser and more selective with products, and know that the test patch is my best friend.

Seeing as I was already familiar with this preservative-free skincare line, I decided to buy the mask.  It's like shiny, silky black satin. So cool.

As instructed I put on a nice even layer. It dried in less than ten minutes. Sadly, it wasn’t easy to peel off. I was expecting a few swift motions but instead it was coming off bit by bit.

While it removed impurities and dead skin cells, the mask was more of a wash-off than a peel-off.

Skip it.

*The Biore Incident of September 1998:

Free samples of Biore self-heating mask were being given out during Frosh week. All the girls in residence decided it’d be fun to have a slumber party and put them on. I thought to myself, I have hypersensitive skin, “heat” doesn’t sound like a good idea. But the thought passed and I got caught up in the mob mentality of it all. It started to burn within seconds, but I figured it was okay. Then after a minute it was burning like the fires of Hades so I washed it off. My skin was salmon red. The next morning I woke up to a blistered face. I went to the doctor who basically told me I was dumb.  He prescribed some meds and then told me I would have to wait for my skin to heal itself.  I felt dumb and I looked like raw meat.  I spent the rest of Frosh week hiding.  Mortify-ing.

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