Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Maybe Baby by Benefit

same but different
 :Moderate @ $35:

So I can't seem to get the lotion anywhere.  Another product lost...

The upside is that the scent lives on, and as a perfume it's reasonably priced (it was expensive for a lotion).

I prefered the body lotion because the smell was lighter and longer-lasting than spritzing the perfume.  I bought this stuff religously.  I had too.  The compliments that came in got to my head.  The moisturizer wan't anywhere near the cablire of Lubriderm or Vaseline, but that wasn't it's purpose. It was more of an evening rubdown to softened the skin and leave a light sheen/sparkle.  

Now that I've told you all about something that may no longer exist, let me offer a solution.  The perfume.  It's the same soft, subtle and flirty fragrance that I remember.  With top notes of apricot and white ginger with hints of peach, lychee, and bergamot (three of my favourite scents), it's contagious.

Love it.

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