Friday, September 10, 2010

Montreal: Beauty's

what’s for breakfast mon cherie?

There is a real life couple behind this Montreal staple, meet Hymnie and Freda. When they decided to open this diner in the city’s Jewish district, I bet they didn’t expect line-ups of hungry loud mouthed Montreal Canadienne fans, hung-over visiting Torontonian undergrads, UGG wearing yuppies and their Burberry scarf donning boyfriends, or me and my leather-jacket clad entourage of Asians. But alas, they did.

The longetivity of this eatery is likely rooted in the excellent food and casual atmosphere.

I love their waffles and mac n cheese. Not together, that’s just gross. A little FYI, I wouldn’t get the bagel and lox platter because it’s overpriced.

The line-up is usually the only reason I may skip it.  On days I can deal, I’ll endure the wait, especially if I want waffles first thing in the morning…afternoon…depending on what I did the night before.

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