Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Montreal: Garde Manger

my day off

:Old Montreal:

This place is "hot".

Perhaps because of the music (it’s killer, but really, really loud. Huh? I said it’s LOUD). Or the venue (it’s hidden and indiscriminate). Or the crowd (hip, trendy, and fun with a side of self-entitlement). Or the atmosphere (it’s dark and sexy). Or the chef (Hello Chuck Hughes. That’s right, chefs are the rockstars of my generation). But shouldn’t it be about the food (here I go)?

Bread n' butter?
Nope, Bread and delicious salmon spread

You absolutely need to make a reservation. My sister and I got the 9:30 seating and thought it’d be great to start with a stiff drink. The daily cocktail was tequila, and although I swore off this ish after 'TequilaGate' Whistler 1998, I threw one back. C’est la vie. It was a fresh grapefruit and soda cocktail that packed a mean punch.

Of the three dishes we ordered, I must have picked two bad ones because my sister was here a few nights ago and she liked it. Don’t worry Chef, it happens to many men, it is normal, and it’s okay. Or is it me? After all, I ordered.

The beef tartar was good, but there was way too much. I wouldn’t normally complain about quantity, but when the tartar is big chunks, after a while, even the biggest carnivore starts to feel cannibalistic.

That's a lot of raw beef...

My second choice was the wreckfish (since Hughes is known for his seafood). I didn’t like it. It may be that I wasn’t picking up what he was putting down?!?

The dish is still pretty, init?

The night’s saving grace was the jerk crab. It was delicious and messy. Oooh, I want to do it again. So yes, I will go back but this time, I won’t be ordering. Until then, don’t worry Chuck Hughes, I still like youghes.

Lip-smackingly good.

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