Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Montreal: Patati Patata Friterie Deluxe

two bite burgers

It’s tiny, charming, and utterly fabulous. You could also say it’s cramped, crowded, and utterly fabulous.

It may be you’ve walked past it during your adventures in the Plateau, although a line-up usually marks this corner. This little hole-in-the-wall doesn’t seat more than a handful of people and the menu is en français. But Quebecois or not, the two guys behind the counter will feed you good food; the best of which are in bite-size portions – mini burgers! You can dress the beef burger any way you want but the fish burger is a house specialty. The condiments are homemade and you can taste it. Their poutine got my stamp of approval – hot savoury gravy atop nicely fried potatoes and cheese curds. All you need is a couple of bucks. Crazy.

You may encounter a bit of a wait, but be patient for the front of the line is just two bites to food heaven.

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  1. Love this place, you've got to try the roast beef poutine, although it's only served during lunchtime, and runs out fairly quickly.


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