Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Toronto: Burrito Bandidos

formerly known as Burrito Boys
:Entertainment District:

I like the one on Peter just south of Richmond because it was the “original”. And if you haven’t heard of Burrito Bandidos you must live under a rock, or perhaps you’re from Oshawa?!? No offence. 

So there is some confusion as this place used to be called Burrito Boys, and there is still a Burrito Boys on Adelaide Street.  Legend has it that the partners who started Burrito Boys had a "falling out".  Soaring popularity, line-ups out the door, buckets of money, hmmm, wonder what could have happened?  The end result seems to be that one kept the name, and the other kept the better location.

Drama aside, this particular hole int the ground (it's a few steps below street level) has been feeding the sober and inebriated masses for a while, no matter the race, age, or social status of its patrons.  Everyone loves their burritos.  It's a winning formula: grill a custom-loaded burrito on a flat top grill.  A crunchy tortilla stuffed with your choice of toppings - hot sauce, special sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, guacamole, cheese, beans, rice, etc. - and protein (including vegetarian options).
There’s almost no seating (three or four stools inside and a two-seater bench outside) at this location, and it's usually busy.  I like to call ahead and place my order, then it's ready for pick-up.  

Burrito Bandidos is the most requested item when friends and family visit me.  I actually had to take a break because I OD'd on my sister's last visit - three times in two days.  It is THAT good.

What's most exciting is that they have something new - PULLED PORK.  Yeehaaawww. 

P.S. But I still love the HALIBUT :)

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