Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Toronto: Dinah’s Cupboard

those who know

Pusateri’s is for everyone – especially those who try to be ‘in the know’. Dinah’s is a little something for those who just know. It’s been around a while and has changed hands since Dinah Koo was a partner. (For those who would like to continue being in the know, Dinah is one of Toronto’s better known chefs.)

I love this cubby hole – it’s rickety, with a side of country (countryside not Nashville country). The walls are lined from floor to ceiling with spices, herbs, crackers and other gourmet treats. Everything you need to create an inspired meal.

From Monday to Saturday they offer different premade foods to meet your lunch and dinner needs, as well as fresh soups, such as cold gazpacho or butternut squash puree. My personal favourite is their pasta of the day - always, always good and the teriyaki salmon – never have I met a piece of fish so perfect. They also have a to-die-for lemon butter cake, samosas, apple blueberry scones, biscotti, cookies, brownies...get it? Whatever it is, it tastes right.

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