Monday, September 13, 2010

Toronto: Lai Wah Heen

dim sum to the power of 3

The fact that Lai Wah Heen sits inside the Metropolitan Hotel clearly tells you it’s not your average dim sum. The restaurant itself presents like your usual haute Chinese restaurant – clean, simple and beige.

My experience was pure culinary pleasure at a cost of about $45. That’s a price tag I will swallow for a great friend. So, in honour of Aerie's birthday, we gathered to indulge in two orders of Chef Chan’s Innovative Dim Sum Prix Fixe and two of the Classic Dim Sum Prix Fixe ($30). After trying both I would recommend the Innovative menu because if you’re already going big, go with the biggest.

My favourites of the day were the steamed dumplings of Waygu beef, truffle and lobster escalopes, pan-seared cake of red wild rice, sticky rice, shrimp, pork and pickled vegetables, and of course, dessert – a yolkless egg tart and a mochi of red bean paste. The last two were enough to put me over the edge of happiness.

The service was what I would expect from any Chinese restaurant, and while there were no carts, there were glorified dim sum caddies who brought the freshly made dishes out so that a waiter could courier them to your table.

It was delicious in all its ostentatious glory.

You get what you pay for: classic dim sum amplified in flavour, quality, and of course, cost.

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