Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Toronto: Le Sélect Bistro

terrasse in toronto

The strip between Spadina and Portland has two of my favourite restaurants in Toronto, Marben (closed down, revamped and now open) and Le Sélect.

It seemed fitting to take my sister to this Parisian bistro while she was in town – she hails from Montreal and loves her a terrasse.

I usually go to Le Sélectfor dinner. It’s charming and serves classic French food with flavourful flair at a good price. It’s also a nice place for brunch when the sun is out.  Their patio is the best way to say goodbye to the weekend - a cup of coffee in hand and a warm mini baguette to start. My sister found her Benedict on the salty side, but a bite of my house-made sausage saved the day. As for me, anything served with Rösti potatoes is, by default, amazing.


Sunday was warm and sunny – perfect for a sit on the garden patio. Two coffees, two classic dishes, me and her...goodness comes in twos.

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