Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Toronto: New Yorker Deli

a little NY comfort soothes the soul
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The New Yorker Deli is a good example of a common theme amongst my peoples.  It's one of those restaurants that they've never eaten at, but know where it is, and have always wondered.  I think wondering is over-rated, I prefer to go in and chowdown.  That's exactly what happened several years ago.  I admit, I had passed by it a few dozen times, but usually after having eaten or on my way to eat elsewhere.  But since my first meal, it has consistenly served great food at a good price, and all under an hour.  All that may explain why it's a popular lunch run for many officeheads, including myself. It's usually one of the first places I recommend when planning a lunch date, like today.  My dear friend Bana recently went back to work and we met up for a long overdue chittychat.  She was one of the first friends I ever made in Toronto and is one of the inspirations for my starting this blog.  She's supportive like that.

NY Deli has a huge menu which is ideal if you're eating with a bunch of colleagues.  In fact, I recommend this place to anyone who wants a quick, delicious lunch, especially if they're not sure what they want.  There is a wide selection of deli sandwiches (duh), breakfast options and regular lunch fare.  My boss loves their matzo ball soup.  I love their corned beef hash and eggs.

It's a working lunch done right. 

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