Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Toronto: White Squirrel Coffee

right place at the right time
:Trinity Bellwoods:

 Service is exactly what you want on a leisurely weekend late afternoon, chipper and chill. And if you find yourself in the area, White Squirrel is a welcome change from the crowded Starbucks a block away (and I love Starbucks so that’s saying something).  The shop has a great location - it's right across from the park, next to some brick risings you can use as a place to sit your ass and relax.  They also serve Greg's ice cream and organic fair trade coffee, of course they would, it’s Queen West. While you’re waiting for your brew, go up the steps and check out the Archived City of Toronto map on the wall. Way cool.  Even if you don't LOVE the coffee, it's a great place to stop and chillax.

My latte was a strong and a little burnt, but it was made with a smile.  Works for me.  

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