Friday, October 8, 2010

Lashes: Lash Expander by Majolica Majorca

say what now?
:Standard at $20:

I am utterly, madly, and truly in love with this mascara. I haven’t fallen this hard since I was 12 and thought I’d marry Dylan McKay aka Luke Perry. Yes, I’m aware, WHAT was I thinking?!?

Fellow-beauty brain Budgie told me about this a while ago. I did a search and found that this funky-named mascara is umbrellaed under a familiar company by the name of Shiseido. I never got around to ordering it, but Budgie got me a tube while she was in Asia. I bet you all wish you knew Budgie. This is why I only surround myself with fabulous people. I’m such a lucky girl…

Majolica Majorca, or MJ for short, is only available in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. But fret not, I have good news, it’s all over ebay. So with a little patience, it can be yours. And trust me when I say, you want it.

What could possibly get my blood flowing this much? It’s real simple. This mascara does exactly what I want. And need I remind you, my naked lashes are most definitely in want. MJ even survived a torrential rain storm on Monday and while I looked like a disaster (yes I forgot my umbrella), my lashes stayed intact. Really…no smudge, no flakes. I was a hot mess but for my perfectly doe-eyed eyes.

The formula goes on, and lasts all day and night. The only sidenote would be that it’s harder to get off than most mascaras; just wash thoroughly and follow-up with kickass makeup remover.

MJ has become the gold standard for super long lashes that hold curl and stay up. I’m so on cloud 9.

Love it.

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