Monday, October 18, 2010

Toronto: Asian Legend

once upon a time there lived a dumpling


I’m partial to the one on Dundas, just west of Beverley, but there are about five more locations to serve you.

Asian Legend is one of the few chains I adore. It’s simply well-made, reasonably priced, tasty asian eats. They specialize in Northern Chinese cooking, which means they have two of my favourite Chinese treats: soup dumplings and green onion beef pancake wraps. These dumplings are ‘to die for’. They are delicious mixtures of meat and vegetable with broth all wrapped up and steamed. Damn.

AL puts a modern spin on all their restaurants, so the décor is tasteful and consistent. Staff are all uniformed and generally polite.

One of my favourite buddies (I suppose I should tell you his name now since he's come up several times.  Everybody, meet Onre, pronounced “Henri") and I met up this weekend.

We did what we do best together – talk and eat. Normally we would have gotten Peking Duck, but I just started a new workout regimen, and eating delicious fatty duck just wasn’t in the cards.

There were two of us, and we ordered all of this: soup dumplings, pancake, surimi with broccoli, spare ribs, and fried rice. We didn’t get my other favourite AL dish: green beans. They’re not your average green bean.  I would consider being a vegetarian if I could eat this everyday.  

Onre and I rolled out, pretty proud of ourselves for eating so much. Course the table next to us gave us a run for our money. Two youthful looking boys and about two dishes more than we had. Beasts.  Ha, kettle meet black.

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